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Laurel Falls Trail Smoky Mountains: How to Get There, What to Expect & More

When visiting the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Laurel Falls Trail absolutely must be on your list. One of the tallest waterfalls in the park, Laurel Falls is so beautiful!

Here’s your guide to everything you need to know about Laurel Falls in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.

Laurel Falls Trail Smoky Mountains waterfall flowing down rocks in picturesque mountain scene
Laurel Falls Smoky Mountains views😍

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People flock to Laurel Falls for it’s double-waterfall effect. You’ll get up-close and personal with the falls, including the picturesque spot to take a photo at the base of the upper waterfall.

The lower falls are unique in that you can’t really access them, but instead can view them from afar. And they’re so pretty!

The sound itself is enough to put you at ease. Combine that with the gorgeous Smoky Mountain scenery, and you’ve got yourself a perfect afternoon. 😊

Laurel Falls Trail stats

straight on view of waterfall scene in the smoky mountains
Such a beautiful waterfall

Distance: 2.4 miles
Elevation gain: 396 feet
Rating: easy
Estimated time: 1.5 hours

This trail is great for kids, just be sure to keep a close eye on them near steep cliffs and the waterfall! 

Just a reminder, pets are not allowed on this trail. 

How to get to Laurel Falls Trailhead

view of the smoky mountains green treetops and rolling hills on sunny day
Great Smoky Mountain National Park views!

Located about 5 miles west of the Sugarlands Visitor Center, this is one of the most easily accessed trails in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. By the way, the Sugarlands Visitor Center is a cool spot to see. I’d recommend stopping there before or after your waterfall hike. 

Unlike other great waterfall hikes like Grotto Falls Smoky Mountains or Abrams Falls Trail, Laurel Falls doesn’t require a lot of driving to get there.

Because it’s easy to access, Laurel Falls Trail is one of the most popular spots in all of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. So it’s best to plan accordingly!

Located along the Fighting Creek Gap Road after you turn off Highway 441, there’s a pretty decent size parking lot. However, the parking lot overflows as much as 1/2 mile in either direction, adding up to a mile to your hike.

Avoid the crowds by going early in the morning (by 8:30am) or in the evenings (after 4pm), especially if it’s a weekend or peak travel season.

smoky mountains with bare trees on a cloudy day
Smoky Mountain views from the Laurel Falls Trail

Laurel Falls Smoky Mountains map

If you’re a visual person, this map may help you plan for your hike. The yellow icon is the Laurel Falls Trailhead. The orange icon is the Sugarlands Visitor Center and the blue icons are nearby landmarks within the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Depending on traffic, it will likely take you around 20-30 minutes from the southern edge of Gatlinburg to the Laurel Falls Trailhead.

By the way, if you want to make a day of it, I highly recommend continuing on this road until you get to Cades Cove Scenic Loop. There’s so much to see, including lots of waterfalls, wildlife and more amazing Smoky Mountain views!

RV vacations like the drive from Asheville to Gatlinburg and exploring the Great Smoky Mountains National Park – including Laurel Falls is popular. So beware of traffic, especially on the weekends and during the summer.

Tips for hiking the trail

hiking path through forested area with bare trees and green shrubs
Laurel Falls trail

Here are a few tips to make the most of your time while hiking Laurel Falls Smoky Mountains!

  • Avoid the peak of the day. Go early morning or later afternoon. Mentioned twice already because it’s that important! Don’t expect to find a parking spot between 10am – 3pm, especially on a good weather day.
  • There are no facilities. Use the restrooms at the Sugarlands Visitor Center before or after the hike as needed.
  • Leave no trace. Take out any food waste or other garbage. Stay on the trail and otherwise don’t disturb nature.
  • It’s kid friendly, but not for wheels. The trail was once paved but is in disrepair and isn’t very accessible. Strollers or wheelchairs will struggle on this trail.
  • Be kind to other hikers. The waterfall is there for everyone to enjoy. Wait your turn, take photos of the falls then step back so others can enjoy it, too.
  • Swimming at Laurel Falls is dangerous. The National Park Service discourages swimming because the nearby rocks and base of the pool can be slippery due to algae. 
  • Do not attempt to climb down to the lower falls. More details on this in a bit!

What to expect hiking to Laurel Falls Smoky Mountains

Laurel Falls trail with bench and dormant trees
Bench to rest on your way to the waterfall

Once you arrive at the Laurel Falls Trailhead and find parking, you’ll enter on a paved path.

The trail gradually ascends almost the entire time. So while this is categorized as an easy trail, you’ll be walking uphill. There’s no shame in taking breathing breaks, either! 🙂

This is an out-and-back trail, and is doable for most skill levels. 

The partially paved trail is surrounded by tall trees. Unlike Abrams Falls where there’s beautiful scenery the entire way, you’ll be mostly surrounded by trees with little views. But that’s ok – you’re going to be rewarded by amazing views of the most beautiful waterfall in the park!

The pavement on Laurel Falls Trail is very old, and in pretty rough shape throughout the trail. Watch your step, as it would be very easy to twist an ankle on the pavement drop-off.

broken pavement along trail with dry and wet spots
Lots of broken concrete along the trail

When it’s raining out, this trail can be slick. And when you pass others, you’ll end up using the dirt path immediately on either side of the pavement. 

Based on the trail type, I’d recommend good hiking shoes with traction. I used super grippy hiking shoes on this trail, and they worked perfectly! I was super confident in my footing, even on the wet, slick spots.

These hiking shoes have traveled with me everywhere – including Avalanche Lake Trail in Glacier National Park, while exploring in Mt Rainier, while hiking in Dillon during these scenic drives in Colorado and so many more places.

Along the trail, there are a tiny waterfalls where water trickles across the pavement, especially in the spring. Enjoy these fun little moments as you make your way to the main attraction!

Laurel Falls

Laurel Falls from a distance looking through trees at upper and lower falls
View of Laurel Falls past the trail through the trees in early spring

There’s a small descent as you approach the falls. You’ll start to hear it and this is where the exciting part happens!

From a short distance on the trail, you can see the upper and lower falls. You’ll walk across a small bridge to get to the upper falls. 

It’s so beautiful! Laurel Falls creates a cool mist, which feels great on a hot day!

If it’s not crowded and being used, there’s even a bench to sit on and watch the falls.

There’s a rocky trail just past the falls alongside the cliff. If you’re wearing good hiking shoes, you can walk the trail out a bit and get a better picture of the upper and lower falls. Be careful though – it will likely be wet and slippery.

Warning:do not climb down to the lower falls. There’s a warning sign put in by the National Park Service saying deaths have occurred. It’s just not worth it! 

danger sign along trail that reads falling deaths have occurred there are high vertical drop offs ahead along the trail and at the falls closely control children
Take the advice from the NPS

Considering this is one of the most popular trails in all of the Smoky Mountains, you’ll likely have to wait your turn for a picture in front of the falls. Just be patient and courteous of others! 

Relax and enjoy the beautiful waterfall! Once you’re ready, you’ll have an easy, downhill hike returning to the parking lot.

Best gear for this hike

Having the right hiking gear can create the best experience anywhere. My first time hiking the Waimea Canyon Trail in Kauai, I didn’t have the right shoes and it was a disaster. Learn from my mistakes, ok? 😊

Laurel Falls view of bridge in front of waterfall with sunny hillside
Wear the right gear for this waterfall hike

These are the things you’ll want for Laurel Falls Trail…

  • Good shoes with traction. Lightweight, waterproof hiking shoes are key here. Definitely no sandals!
  • Hiking socks. I know it sounds silly, but it really is key! Traditional socks create more blisters, hold moisture in and create a mess while hiking. Ever since getting blisters while hiking in Canyonlands National Park, I’ve used Darn Tough socks and they’re amazing!
  • Water. You’ll want to stay hydrated during this hike! The trail to Laurel Falls is not too difficult, but drinking some refreshing water during your hike will help keep you going – especially during a hot day. Remember to be kind to the earth and use reusable water bottles instead of buying plastic all the time!
  • Hiking backpack. Anytime you’re on a hike, you should carry the 10 essentials. That’s a whole lot easier if you have a proper hiking backpack, which takes the weight off your shoulders and distributes it – sort of like magic, really. This is my favorite hiking backpack that’s come with me while hiking in Big Sur California, Grand Tetons National Park and so many more adventures!
  • Layers. Anything could happen while on the trail and the weather can change in an instant! Pack a rain jacket, medium hiking coat or cold weather layers according to the season you’re hiking.

Fun facts about Laurel Falls

Laurel Falls smoky mountains view of waterfall on hillside with shrubs and trees behind
Can’t get enough of these waterfall views!
  • Cherokee Indians are the original inhabitants of this land. White settlers pushed them out of the Great Smoky Mountains in the 1700s. Please be respectful of this sacred area when visiting.
  • Laurel Falls is 80 feet tall, the largest accessible waterfall in the park.
  • The trail to the waterfall was first paved in 1932, and again in the 1960’s due to it’s popularity. The pavement helps to prevent erosion of the area.

Camping near the Laurel Falls Trail

Considering the Great Smoky Mountains National Park has more visitors than any other park in the US, camping spots fill up quickly, especially if you’re trying to camp within the park borders. 

camping in the smoky mountains tents RVs in green space
Smoky Mountains campground in the GSMNP

Here’s a list of the closest spots for tent and RV camping to Laurel Falls Trail. Just be sure to make your reservation early!

  • Elkmont Campground (tents and RVs). It’s the busiest campground in the Great Smoky Mountains NP, but also a conveniently located one! 
  • Backcountry camping. Really connect with nature with your tent in your pack as you hike to one of the many spots within the park. Grab your permit and reservation here
  • Greenbrier Campground (tents, RVs and cabins). Located just outside the park on the edge of Gatlinburg, this campground is privately owned and just a short drive from Laurel Falls.

Where to stay in Gatlinburg

Gatlinburg sign brick with tulips on a sunny day
Lots of accommodation options in Gatlinburg!

If camping isn’t your thing, staying at a hotel or vacation rental property in Gatlinburg is really close to the park. It has a fun, lively downtown that’s bustling with tourists year-round. Here are a few places you might like:

I personally love using because I can search for hotels and rental properties at the same time. And it happens to be one of the more affordable travel sites, which is a nice perk!

Just be sure you find accommodations with free parking and/or close to the action in Gatlinburg. Parking can be a pain in town.

Laurel Falls Trail

Laurel Falls Trail Smoky Mountains waterfall flowing down rocks in picturesque mountain scene
One last view of the waterfall😍

Well, are you ready for your waterfall hike? Laurel Falls Trail is an incredible hike, and one of the most beautiful waterfalls you’ll see!

This popular Smoky Mountain waterfall is one worth visiting. You’ll love experiencing the upper falls and the beautifully cascading lower falls, too.

Enjoy the hike!

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gorgeous waterfall hike laurel falls smoky mountains with view of water falling down rocks


Saturday 23rd of July 2022

Laurel Falls look incredible! This is a perfect guide to planning your trial in the mountains and be ready! The photos are great too! It would be nice to visit one day! Thanks for sharing!


Sunday 24th of July 2022

You'd really love it, Lasma. Hope you get to hike the trail someday soon :)

Bea Pinnegar

Monday 30th of May 2022

Love how well marked the trail is - and what a beautiful campsite as well! Would definitely love to visit Laurel Falls one day :)


Monday 30th of May 2022

Highly recommend it, Bea! You'd love it :)


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I love a good waterfall hike! The Smokey mountains have been on my list for awhile so I’ll reference back to this post for future update planning!


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Oh cool Caitlin! You'll love the Smoky Mountains and Laurel Falls Trail 💛

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Oooh nice Nikki! I love this kind of trail (especially at this time of year before my legs get strong!) It's always good to get a fabulous waterfall via an easy-ish trail.


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You're so right, Josy! It's perfect in the springtime too - so lush with all the rain.