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13 STUNNING and Easy Hikes Glacier National Park You Can’t Miss

It’s a place that’s truly indescribable. Alpine lakes meet rugged mountains soaring up to the sky. It’s amazing that you can see beautiful views without walking a bazillion miles! This list of the best easy hikes Glacier National Park will take your breath away… in the best way possible.

easy hikes glacier national park view of mountain peak with snow and lake with low hanging clouds and forest
Beautiful scenes while hiking in Glacier National Park😍

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Nicknamed the Crown of the Continent, it’s a place unlike any other. Home to the Going-to-the-Sun Road, which is aptly named one of the best road trips in the USA, plus stunning lakes, lush waterfalls and less crowded areas, there’s so many thing to do in Glacier National Park.

Hiking the trails in the park is a way to see beyond the winding roads and overlooks. Every hiking trail in Glacier National Park is unique and offers a whole new way to experience the park.

With dozens of trails to explore in Glacier National Park in northern Montana, this guide will go over the best Glacier National Parks that are all easy. Plus, these hiking trails all promise spectacular views!

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Glacier National Park trails map

Use this map (and the following list) to start planning your hikes in Glacier National Park!

You can see many of the hikes are along the Going-to-the-Sun Road corridor (coral colored icons), with a few options in the Two Medicine area (purple icons) and Many Glacier area (yellow icon). Note that the dark yellow icon is the Many Glacier Hotel, where the nearby trailhead is an alternative starting location for many trails in that region of the park.

📍The land you’re hiking and exploring was original to 5 indigenous peoples: Blackfeet, Salish, Pend d’Oreille, Pikuni and Kootenai. Be respectful and celebrate the origins of this land before being settled by white people and taken over by the government. Learn more about their stories, here

Tips for hiking Glacier National Park trails

reflective lake McDonald glacier national park hikes with trees and mountains in distance
Overlooking the unbelievable Lake McDonald after an amazing day of hiking

As you plan your hikes and adventures within the park, keep these helpful tips in mind!

  • 👉IMPORTANT: you’ll need a timed entry reservation from late May through early September for most areas of the park to enter between 6:00am and 3:00pm. Plan early and get your vehicle entry passes here.
  • Alternatively, you can enter before 6:00am or after 3:00pm if passes are sold out.
  • Carry bear spray. And a bear bell. And be on the lookout at all times. Read more about bear safety here.
  • When hiking, prepare adequately. Take plenty of water, snacks, the 10 essentials and leave yourself enough time. Also don’t overestimate your skills! It’s okay to turn back if needed. 💙
  • Stay on the trail!! Although signs are posted, it’s common to see people not on the trail. However, a single step off the trail can kill 70 microorganisms and damage the fragile ecosystem in the park. It’s critical to stay on the hiking trails at all times.
  • Check Glacier’s official website for when the Going-to-the-Sun road fully opens. Many hikes are along this road, and your best trip to Glacier includes this road being open! (It’s usually mid-July before the road opens.)
  • Get a park map when you enter the park and stop by the visitor center to see which trails are closed. It can vary by the day!
  • Take your water shoes! There’s many lakes, streams and waterfalls you can dip your toes into and enjoy the refreshing water. These are my favorite water shoes and they work perfectly for Glacier!
  • Pack your lunch and snacks for the whole day. There’s extremely limited food available in the park. Make the most of your time and eat with a view! (Just be sure to dispose of trash – even compostable food scraps – properly.)
  • Pets are not allowed on trails in Glacier National Park.

What to pack for these trails

Here are some essentials for hiking in Glacier National Park…

  • Hiking shoes for everyone. Support for the adults and they’ll bring confidence to your kids while on the trail if you’re traveling with children for these easy hikes in Glacier National Park! Look for ankle support and shoes with traction.
  • Hiking socks. I made the mistake of being cheap and not getting the right ones (don’t ask how I know.🫣) Get moisture-wicking hiking socks to avoid blisters while on these Glacier National Park trails.
  • Hiking backpacks. Carry water, snacks, first aid kit and anything else you need with you. good hiking backpack takes the weight off your shoulders and distributes it for an easier hike. If you have kids, this hiking backpack for kids works perfect for Glacier!
  • Trekking poles. Don’t make the same mistake my family did on our first trip to Glacier! Good trekking poles provide stability for everyone, while making hiking fun for kids. My kids love their hiking poles and want them on every surface and hike, no matter how easy.
  • Water, water, water. It’s important any time of year, but especially in the summer – and always carry extra! Be kind to the earth and pack reusable water bottles. Or better yet, use a hydration system in your hiking backpack (my husband loves his).
  • Satellite communicator. This 2-way satellite communicator allows you to call for help when you don’t have any cell service in the park (which is almost the entire park). I love my Garmin In-Reach Mini, and it’s gone on every hike with my family for years, from the Bear’s Hump Trail in Waterton-Lakes to the best Colorado hiking trails and so many more places.
  • Bug spray. Those pesky mosquitos and large black flies are a nuisance while hiking, especially in the summer months. Protect yourself with bug spray. This is my favorite all-natural bug repellent and it works great!
  • Bear spray. Previously mentioned but so important. Each adult should have them on their body or backpack at all times while in the park.
  • Sun protection! A sun hat and mineral sunblock goes a long way in Glacier! By the way, harmful chemicals in traditional sunscreens damages our waterways and ecosystems. Always choose mineral sunscreen when enjoying the outdoors!
  • Water shoes. This essential item provides such a welcome relief when you’re hiking to amazing lakes and waterfalls! Use a clip to attach them to a backpack, then swap out your hiking shoes for water shoes for a refreshing dip in the water while on your hike.
  • Collapsible cooler. Packs down for travel and storage yet keeps your lunch and drinks cold while you’re exploring these hiking trails Glacier National Park.

Best hikes in Glacier National Park

Hiking is one of the top things to do in Glacier National Park! It’s a surreal experience to see Mother Nature at her finest.

Whether you’re visiting Glacier National Park with kids and looking for an easy trail, have limited time or just want to take it easy on your leisure vacation, this list is perfect for you!

Let’s dive in…

1. Swiftcurrent Lake Trail

easy hikes Glacier National Park view of lake with trees and mountains on sunny day
Swiftcurrent Lake Trail during a morning hike

Region: Many Glacier
Distance: 2.6 miles
Elevation gain: 258 feet
Difficulty rating: easy
Estimated time: 1.5 – 2 hours

Located in the Many Glacier area of the park, this flat, easy trail is a real stunner! It’s paved most of the way around so it’s great for strollers and wheelchairs.

This 2.6 mile loop around Swiftcurrent Lake can be done any time of day, although parking will likely be easiest in the early morning or later afternoon hours. The hike officially starts at the Grinnell Glacier Trailhead, but the trail can just as easily be accessed from the Many Glacier Hotel.

Get stunning views of the picturesque Swiftcurrent Lake from the hiking trail. The quiet, serene setting with the mountains surrounding the lake is such a dream of a hike!

Be weary of wildlife, especially as you enter the wooded sections of the hike. Although steps from the lake, it’s common to see bear on the trail. The day we did the hike there was a Grizzly fishing from the shore! Be sure to carry bear spray at all times.

This trail is one of the best easy hikes Glacier National Park, and can technically be done partially, as an out-and-back if you’re short on time or energy.

Pro tip: if you park at the parking lot near Many Glacier Hotel, you can stop at a restaurant or gift shop for food and restrooms. There’s also a water bottle filling station on the lower level of the hotel.

2. Trail of the Cedars (easiest hiking Glacier National Park)

bright teal stream through mossy rocks
Stream along the trail

Region: near Apgar
Distance: 0.9 miles
Elevation gain: 49 feet
Difficulty rating: easy
Estimated time: less than 1 hour

Trail of the Cedars in Glacier National Park is an easy trail that’s accessible for most anyone. It’s a relatively flat trail that meanders through tall cedar trees along a dirt and boardwalk path.

The trees above are tall and mighty – until they’re not! There’s downed trees along this trail, one of which is on display for a closer look. It’s cool to see the underside of tree roots, which will fascinate young and old hikers.

The feature of this trail is the most vibrant and colorful stream I’ve ever seen in my life. The contrast of the teal water against the mossy riverbed is one you absolutely cannot miss!

This trail is a loop, and if you veer off the loop near the stream you’ll connect up with the Avalanche Lake Trail. It’s truly one of the best easy hikes in Glacier National Park.

3. Avalanche Lake Trail (a favorite on this list of easy hikes Glacier National Park)

Avalanche Lake Trail beautiful lake with mountains in the distance one of the best easy hikes Glacier National Park
Stunning Avalanche Lake😍

Region: near Apgar
Distance: 5.9 miles
Elevation gain: 757 feet
Difficulty rating: moderate
Estimated time: 2-3 hours

This is by far one of the most spectacular hikes in Glacier National Park! It’s also one of the longer hikes on this list of easy hikes Glacier National Park.

The trail to Avalanche Lake starts out flat and then starts to climb. You’ll walk along a beautiful stream of turquoise water for a good portion of the trail, which is fun for photo ops.

Avalanche Lake Trail in Glacier National Park is the perfect trail for hot days, as almost 100% of the time you’re in the shade. The terrain is mostly dirt, tree roots and some rocks. Good hiking shoes will support your ankles as you navigate over the tree roots and rocks.

It seems like it takes forever to reach the lake, but when you finally do you’ll be rewarded with a stunning scene. Lush waterfalls cascade down a backdrop of picturesque mountains.

The teal water is inviting and refreshing. There’s plenty of places along the shore to sit, relax and have a snack.

You’ll want to hang out for awhile and enjoy the views. Put your water shoes on and enjoy the lake, too!

If you only have time to do a couple of trails in Glacier National Park, make sure this one is on your list!

Pro tip: the parking areas around Avalanche Lake Trail fill up early during peak travel season. Plan to arrive at the trailhead by 7:30 am or after noon. And even if there are signs saying the parking lot is full, take a few laps until someone leaves the trail. Patience is key in this park!

4. Running Eagle Falls

water falling out of rocks into pond with green and brown water
Running Eagle Falls, Glacier National Park

Region: Two Medicine
Distance: 0.7 miles
Elevation gain: 29 feet
Difficulty rating: easy
Estimated time: less than 1 hour

This is a super fun waterfall for young and old alike! One of the best easy hikes Glacier National Park, this waterfall hike is more of a walk to a peaceful spot in the Two Medicine area of the park.

This waterfall hike is unique for a few reasons. First is that it’s actually a trick waterfall – water comes from two areas, the top and middle, depending on the water flow.

The backstory behind this waterfall is also quite interesting. “Running Eagle” was a warrior of courage and bravery for the Pikuni people. The waterfall was where she found her power, and is a sacred site, thusly named after her.

The first part of the hike to Running Eagle Falls is paved, then gravel leads you to a river with a small bridge to get to the waterfall.

Once at the falls, the pool of the pool below is cold water! It’s deep enough for fish and has a powerful current. If you want to break out the water shoes or let the kids play in the water, there’s shallow areas for that too.

Running Eagle Falls is a fun, easy hike in Glacier National Park and one worth a visit if you’re in the Two Medicine area on the east side of the park.

5. Sun Point (an underrated one on this list of Glacier National Park best hikes)

woman hiking glacier national park with pink shirt black pants with lake and mountains in distance
Sun Point, Glacier National Park

Region: near Saint Mary Lake
Distance: 0.4 miles / 1.6 miles
Elevation gain: less than 50 feet / 206 feet
Difficulty rating: easy
Estimated time: 1 hour or less

Sun Point surprised me in a good way! It’s such an underrated, easy hike in the park. Enjoy this great spot for a picnic and a short hike to see 360 degree views of Glacier National Park.

There’s two ways to get to Sun Point Nature Trail. I’d recommend parking at the picnic area and hitting the trail there, as it makes this a really short and easy hike in Glacier National Park.

Alternatively, you can park at the Sunrift Gorge parking lot, which will provide spectacular lake views along the way. This hike is a bit longer but you’ll see more of the area on the trail, too.

The hike from the parking area is somewhat steep but pretty short, making it a good addition to a hiking day or a great stop while driving the Going-to-the-Sun road.

The terrain on the trail to Sun Point is mostly dirt and some rock. The mosquitoes are thick on this trail so wear your bug repellent!

Reach the top of the summit and capture unforgettable views of Saint Mary Lake! The teal water is stunning and almost surrounds you. It’s a gorgeous view of the park.

Pro tip: Park at the picnic parking lot and plan to hike to Sun Point and Baring Falls (up next). The trails are connected and it’s a beautiful walk and one of Glacier National Park best hikes, for sure.

6. Baring Falls Glacier National Park

waterfall hikes in glacier national park view of waterfall from cliff with trees and rocky side
Hiking Glacier National Park: Baring Falls

Region: near Saint Mary Lake
Distance: 0.7
Elevation gain: 111 feet
Difficulty rating: easy
Estimated time: 1 hour or less

Baring Falls is a short and easy hike in Glacier National Park! It’s perfect if you’re on a time crunch, have little kids or are looking for an easy hike to add to a full Glacier National Park itinerary.

There’s multiple ways to access this trail, too. Parking at Sunrift Gorge creates the shortest trail length at 0.7 miles. You can also get there from the Sun Point parking lot, which makes the trail 2.4 miles round trip.

However, some of my favorite photos of this majestic park were walking Sun Point to Baring Falls. The trail goes alongside Saint Mary Lake almost the entire way and the views are endless. It’s definitely one of the best hiking trails for beginners, with incredibly rewarding views.

The teal color of the water contrasting against the mountains was beautiful, but then add in the white and black burnt trees from a forest fire and the new, blooming life on the forest floor is simply gorgeous!

pic of montana mountains teal lake and trees on a sunny day
Trail views between Baring Falls and Sun Point😍

The trail along the lake is a bit narrow at times and a little tricky to navigate passing others. However, once the trail goes more inland as you reach Baring Falls, it gets a little smoother.

Once you arrive at the falls, grab a seat and enjoy it for a bit! These falls are powerful and fast. Go close to the falls to grab a photo or enjoy the cool air coming off the falls from a distance.

Pro tip: Go slightly past the falls and arrive at Saint Mary Lake. Bring your water shoes and take a cool dip in the water!

7. Redrock Falls

view of best hikes glacier national park water flowing over red rocks with green trees in distance
Redrock Falls, Glacier National Park

Region: Many Glacier
Distance: 3.7 miles
Elevation gain: 242 feet
Difficulty rating: easy
Estimated time: 2 – 2.5 hours

This is the hike you’re looking for! You know, the kind that’s easy with a big payoff!

One of the best easy hikes in Glacier National Park, this beautiful waterfall hike is comfortably shaded most of the way with only light elevation changes.

This is also one of the best hikes for kids in Glacier National Park, because of the flat terrain and the fact that it’s a fabulous swimming spot as well!

Note: this trail is well known for wildlife, namely moose and bear. Be aware, give them space. Of course, have your bear spray on you as a precaution as well. You’ll also want to spray yourself with bug spray as the black flies and mosquitos can be thick in the hot summer months.

The parking lot is a decent size but can still fill up in the busy summer months. Get there early or be prepared to be patient as someone leaves. 🙂

More easy hikes Glacier National Park

Can you believe this list?! These trails and the scenery along them are so incredible! Let’s keep going with the list of the best Glacier National Park hiking trails that are easy.

8. Hidden Lake Overlook (another favorite on this list of easy hikes Glacier National Park)

view of mountains with trees and lake clouds in sky
Hidden Lake Overlook with hardly any snow (compared to the feature image of this guide)

Region: at Logan Pass, Going-to-the-Sun Road
Distance: 2.7 miles
Elevation gain: 551 feet
Difficulty rating: moderate
Estimated time: 1.5 – 2.5 hours

This epic trail is a stunner and one of the most fun Glacier National Park hiking trails! Having done it multiple times, I’m confident this hike should be on your must-do list!

Starting from the visitor center at Logan Pass, this trail climbs. It’s one of the highest elevations in the park and it’s stunning!

Because of the high elevation, it’s possible that you’ll have to walk through snow. The melting snow often lasts through July and often August, so plan ahead and wear your best, hiking shoes and take your trekking poles.

The snow is slippery and steep, which is part of the fun of the hike. It’s quite rewarding to get to the Hidden Lake Overlook – Glacier National Park best hikes!

This trail is a popular spot for mountain goats, big horn sheep and even bear. Be on the lookout and remember to keep your distance, and always carry your bear spray.

The Hidden Lake Overlook is fantastic! It’s truly one of the best lakes at Glacier National Park. The lake and backdrop looks like a picture from a storybook, or maybe even a movie set.

This is a trail you’ll often see people stepping off of. Please, please, please stay on the trail to protect this fragile alpine environment.

Note: the Hidden Lake Trail may be open to go all the way down to the lake, depending on the season you visit. During the busy summer months of July and August it’s often closed due to bear activity at the lake. It’s a great fishing source for bear so the park rangers often shut down the trail beyond the overlook. But the overlook is typically open!

This is one of the most popular and busy Glacier National Park trails. In addition, the Logan Pass Visitor Center, continental divide and other trails start from here so parking is a challenge.

In the peak of summer, the parking lot often fills up by 7:00am. Prepare by getting to the trail super early, later in the day or just being patient to wait for a spot in the parking lot.

Pro tip: pack layers for this hike! My whole family was various levels of hot and cold based on the altitude, activity, sun and wind, even in the hottest months of summer.

9. Upper McDonald Falls 

river flowing with small falls trees and mountain scene
Hiking trails Glacier National Park: Upper McDonald Falls

Region: near Apgar
Distance: 0.7 miles
Elevation gain: 30 feet
Difficulty rating: easy
Estimated time: less than 1 hour

This short and easy hike in Glacier National Park is perfect as the end of your day driving the Going-to-the-Sun Road on the west side of the park.

Upper McDonald Falls is a little tricky to find based on the map you’ll get from the entrance gate. To get there, park at the Sacred Dancing Cascade then walk the path over the bridge and river to hop on the trail.

The Upper McDonald Falls trail walks along the river through dense forest. At various points you’ll be able to see the flowing water as it rushes down the valley. There’s plenty of spots to stop and grab a photo or just enjoy the sound of the fresh mountain water while hiking Glacier National Park.

The highlight of this hike is the McDonald Falls. Shortly thereafter the trail veers off the river and leads you to a parking lot. So just turn back after you see the big falls.

Pro tip: slather yourself in bug spray! My kids nicknamed this trail mosquito forest because the bugs are so thick.

10. Lake Josephine Trail (Glacier National Park hiking trail with options!)

view of path near lake with mountains
The beautiful Lake Josephine 😍

Region: Many Glacier
Distance: 1.8 – 4.8 miles
Elevation gain: 98+ feet
Difficulty rating: easy-moderate
Estimated time: 1 – 3 hours

Okay, you may be asking, why is this trail variable on this list of easy hikes in Glacier National Park?!

Well, there are many ways to complete this trail. The National Park Service has the trail start sharing the same trailhead as the Grinnell Glacier Trail, just to the west of Swiftcurrent Lake. From there, the official trail goes past Swiftcurrent Lake, for another 0.2 miles to the tip of Lake Josephine and then back again.

This version of the trail is 0.9 there and back for a total of 1.8 miles.

However, you can also start at the Many Glacier Hotel and go along the Swiftcurrent Lake Trail on the opposite side of the lake, then join at the 0.2 mile sign and meet the ‘end’ of the trail at the start of Lake Josephine.

Version 2 of this trail is 1.1 there and back for a total of 2.2 miles.

mountain lake scene while hiking glacier national park easy trails with shoreline teal water and trees
Lake Josephine, from the opposite end of the lake

Additionally, you can begin at the official trailhead, hike a loop around Lake Josephine, and return via the same 0.9 mile trail back. This would provide the most views of Swiftcurrent Lake, Lake Josephine and the surrounding mountains.

This version of the trail is 4.8 miles around the full lake.

As someone who’s done multiple versions of this trail, I can say that the views are excellent all the way around the lake. If you only have the desire or time for the 1.8 mile trail, then don’t feel like you’re missing much. The lake is pretty from all angles!

It’s nice to have options, isn’t it?

11. Twin Falls

twin waterfalls flowing down rocks with trees surrounding
Twin Falls, Glacier National Park, Montana

Region: Two Medicine
Distance: 2.0 miles
Elevation gain: 114 feet
Difficulty rating: easy
Estimated time: 1 hour

Okay, so this trail is awesome if you have boat tickets for Two Medicine! Similar to Inspiration Point Trail in Grand Teton National Park, you’ll want a boat reservation to take you across the lake.

From there, it’s just a mile out and another back to the boat dock. Taking a boat ride is so worth it and part of the overall experience. It certainly feels a lot more secluded, knowing the trailhead is at the opposite end of the lake than most people visit.

Pro tip: the best lighting for photos of the lake are on the earliest boat rides 🙂 Otherwise, the area becomes more and more backlit through the day.

This is a fun, easy hike in Glacier National Park for all ages. There’s only a slight uphill as you walk towards the falls from the boat dock.

It’s an interactive trail with multiple bridge crossings and a double waterfall – what can get better than spending a day in the mountains than that?!

You’ll want to layer up the bug spray during the summer months, as the mosquitos and black flies can be thick on this trail.

12. Saint Mary Falls

bright blue waterfall in canyon easy hikes glacier national park
That water though!😍

Region: near Saint Mary Lake
Distance: 2.2 miles
Elevation gain: less than 250 feet
Difficulty rating: easy
Estimated time: 1-2 hours

Get ready for some eye candy at this one! Saint Mary Falls is the purest teal color and is absolutely stunning!

The trail to the falls is a narrow dirt path with limited views. It’s honestly pretty uneventful, yet beautiful at the same time. This part of the forest was burned in recent years so it’s experiencing new growth. The wild flowers are really pretty against the stark burnt trees and blue sky.

Pro tip: there’s zero sun protection so wear your sun hat and sunscreen!

As you approach the falls you’ll see the river coming from the falls and if you stop before you reach the bridge you’ll get a good vantage point of the Saint Mary Falls. Continue closer for the vibrant blues, similar to what you’d see in the Caribbean, or along the Grinnell Glacier Trail!

There’s shady spots on the cliffs near the falls – perfect spot for lunch or a snack. Descend on the rocks next to the bridge for a unique angle of the falls, and a breath of fresh cool air!

My family did see people jumping from the bridge down into the water to swim. I’m not sure I’d be brave enough but it looked like they were having fun! Just pack your swimming suit and water shoes if you’re up for cliff jumping.

13. Virginia Falls Trail (a stunning waterfall on this list of Glacier National Park hiking trails)

beautiful waterfall scene cascading down mountain with trees easy hikes glacier national park
Stunning Virginia Falls😍

Region: near Saint Mary Lake
Distance: 3.6 miles
Elevation gain: 525 feet
Difficulty rating: moderate
Estimated time: 2-3 hours

This trail actually continues on after Saint Mary Falls. I’m considering it a separate hike based on the difficulty and accessibility. After you pass Saint Mary Falls, the path becomes steeper and more challenging.

Various tree roots, rocks and even a couple of small streams are obstacles along the trail. Sturdy hiking shoes are definitely recommended on this trail.

The hike has an upper Virginia Falls and a lower Virginia Falls – which is a bonus! Some of the best waterfalls in Glacier National Park are in this area, so you’re in for a real treat!

This part of the forest is really dense and lush with greenery. In the summer, large flies can be a nuisance on the trail but the hike is 100% worth it.

Once you get to the upper falls, the fun really begins! There’s a section you can climb to stand close to grab a pic an and get drenched from the frigid mist!

Or take a seat a bit lower and have a snack or lunch. Listen to the roar of the water and the power of the falls.

A bit lower yet (back on the trail) go down to the pool and swap out the hiking shoes for water shoes! Take a swim or dip your feet in. It’s a great spot to skip rocks or climb logs in the water.

This is a great spot for a fun afternoon in the water – and a nice reward for the hike up!  There’s just something about dipping your feet in fresh mountain water that cools your whole body down, ya know?

Clip your water shoes to your backpack with a light towel. These are the water shoes I wore in Glacier and this lightweight towel is super absorbent and even has a hidden pocket for valuables.

Several other people dipped their bare feet in the water but couldn’t walk around much. Water shoes are a must on while on hikes in Glacier National Park! 

Hiking in Glacier National Park (the easy trails)

easy hikes glacier national park view of kayak on lake with large mountain peaks
One last view of Swiftcurrent Lake in Many Glacier

From stunning lakes to amazing waterfall hikes, these are some of the best trails in the park. And bonus – they won’t take a whole day! I genuinely hope you have time for every single one because they’re all unique and worthy of your time

But in case you don’t have that much time in the park, let’s review the list in a more succinct fashion…

Glacier National Park best hikes that are also easy

  1. Swiftcurrent Lake Trail
  2. Trail of the Cedars
  3. Avalanche Lake Trail
  4. Running Eagle Falls
  5. Sun Point
  6. Baring Falls
  7. Redrock Falls
  8. Hidden Lake Overlook
  9. Upper McDonald Falls
  10. Lake Josephine Trail
  11. Twin Falls
  12. Saint Mary Falls
  13. Virginia Falls

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13 incredible and easy hikes glacier national park with photos of mountain and lake, woman standing at mountain and on log near waterfall


Sunday 6th of August 2023

Glacier is my favorite national park and one of my favorite things about it was all the easy hikes. I also enjoyed the fact they had do many ranger led hikes since I was there alone, definitely helped with the bear safety.


Sunday 6th of August 2023

Yes, yes Sue! They do have an extensive program for visitors. It's truly just a great park all the way around!


Sunday 6th of August 2023

So many great hikes! I love that they're easy, too. I totally need to visit Glacier NP!


Sunday 6th of August 2023

Yes you do Alanna! Bucket list for sure!!


Sunday 6th of August 2023

Wow I would have a hard time deciding which hikes to pick from your list because they all look incredible. I would probably end up doing them all. Thanks for the useful tips especially the bear related ones.


Sunday 6th of August 2023

You're so welcome! I hope you get to hike every one of these - they're so incredible - truly.

Lorraine Caputo

Saturday 5th of August 2023

Excellent! And how's camping, whether in campgrounds or backcountry? (I would love to use a campsite as a base for doing some of these short hikes!


Sunday 6th of August 2023

Oh great question! Glacier does have a few campgrounds but they sell out suuuuper quickly. The campgrounds really aren't very close to any of the trailheads, so you'd need to drive. But you'd want to start booking 13-15 months out. They book up really quickly!


Saturday 5th of August 2023

All of these hikes look incredible! I hope to hike these trails some day soon. Great tip for bear spray and a bear bell.


Sunday 6th of August 2023

Oh Yvonne I hope you get to hike them too. Such an amazing destination.